“They say that time changes all things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

Organisations change because their people do. People change when they believe it is worthwhile and when they believe they can, and are shown how to, in a supportive way.

We create unique, highly interactive and creative programs to promote and anchor positive organisational change, drawing on our diverse backgrounds in education, leadership, positive psychology, mindfulness, action learning and the arts.

What we are known for

People and organisations are all different, as are our initiatives to support change. We don’t do off-the-shelf or training 101.

We meet your people where they are at, we make strong connections and we keep it real, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Our programs don’t just educate – they create breakthroughs that shift mindsets and behaviours, making your people more courageous, mindful and effective.

Led by experienced change consultants and coaches, Georgina Banks and Sam Crock, Changeable designs and delivers education and development programs for senior and mid-level leaders.

Areas Include:

  • Cultural Transformation & Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Resilience and Wellbeing
  • Coaching:     – Individual
    – Team
    – Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Impactful Communication Programs

Georgina Banks

Georgina Banks isn’t your average corporate consultant.

Sydney born and bred, Georgina caught the performance bug at a young age and was acting professionally by the time she was 15. A ten-year stint on the stage and screen followed, but after doing a bit of corporate acting, Georgina developed a deep fascination with what makes people and groups tick.

Spurred by her love of learning, Georgina went on to study applied psychology. She then spent some time developing educational workshops for cancer survivors as part of a psychosocial research project at Sydney University.

Georgina leapt at the chance to work in change consulting, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to combine her behavioural knowledge and creative side. She spent several years at Primed Consulting in Sydney before moving to Somersault Consulting in Melbourne, where she further refined her unique coaching style.

Georgina was also a founding director of Spark Leadership, an innovative educational group that uses improvisation to foster peak team performance.

Her acting background lets Georgina build meaningful connections with everyone from CEOs to frontline staff. At the same time, her analytical skills and psychological expertise mean she can translate high-level HR strategies into tailored, practical behaviours that make teams and individuals thrive.

Using a mix of mindfulness, positive psychology and strengths-based approaches, Georgina helps people develop insight into their behaviours, overcome resistance and experience genuine change that sticks.

When she’s not working at Changeable, Georgina mentors young women setting up arts-based businesses and social enterprises. Her best gig is mother to Scarlet and Frederica, but she also keeps some time aside for music, literature and revisiting her roots with a trip to the theatre.

Sam Crock

Sam Crock knows a thing or two about change.

Hailing from a farm in rural Victoria, Sam wanted to do more than marry the local football hero. So she studied music at university, playing in a variety of orchestras and ensembles and developing her exceptional ability to ‘tune in’ and respond to other people’s behaviour.

Sam had always had an itch to teach others, so she went back to university to study Education. After a stint as music director at a large secondary school, Sam decided to apply her educational talents to the business world by taking up a position at the prestigious Melbourne Business School.

During her seven years at the MBS, Sam designed and developed executive leadership programs that helped strengthen links between corporate Australia and the academic sector. Her creativity also got a run, including an innovative collaboration with the Bell Shakespeare Company that used Shakespeare’s plays as inspiration for leadership lessons.

Sam’s career-defining moment came during an intensive training course in team dynamics at London’s renowned Tavistock Institute. It was here that Sam’s eyes were fully opened to the immense power of groups and the importance of a healthy team to first-class performance.

Working for the Graphic Arts Merchants Association of Australia and Somersault Consulting gave Sam plenty of chances to utilise her group smarts and coaching skills. But it wasn’t until she co-founded Changeable Consulting with long-time collaborator Georgina Banks that the two of them perfected the personal, relationship-focused approach they use today.

Sam’s business acumen, creativity and educational flair make her the ideal person to drive organisational change. Her down-to-earth attitude instantly puts employees at ease, while her practicality and willingness to nudge people out of their comfort zone ensures change is significant and long-lasting.

Sam also volunteers as a director of the Intersticia Foundation, a philanthropic organisation dedicated to supporting new ideas from concept to reality. In her (somewhat limited) free time, you’ll probably find Sam making artisan cheese or getting her boots dirty on the sustainable farm she manages with her husband.

What we believe

Everyone has the ability to change

  • We support, encourage and educate your people through the process.
  • We get up close and personal and are committed to our clients.
  • We’re not afraid to hold a mirror up or disrupt the status quo.

Everyone should be part of a thriving workplace culture

  • People spend close to half their waking hours at work.  So it’s a massive lost opportunity if they are just turning up and warming a seat.
  • People are most engaged when they play to their strengths and have meaningful work that goes beyond a pay packet.
By investing in your people and culture we believe this will translate into great outcomes for your organisation.

To download a pdf of our process, click here.